Organizational Entropy, the Problem of Choice, and the Effect of Organizational Structure on Performance (part 1 of 4)

Have you ever wondered why your company is “stupid,” and why it just seems to get stupider as it grows? Shannon Entropy and Productivity: Why Big Organizations Can Seem Stupid (paper) by Dr. Richard Janow sheds some light on this phenomenon and shows that organizations really do get stupid as they get big (though I […]

A stitch in time saves nine

Recently, I listed 4 high-level parts of an information and knowledge management continuum: personal / individual, group / team, organizational, and external interaction. The first three can be seen as a “path” that many (most?) organizations follow in their creation and growth. (The last – external interaction – is a key function for the other […]

Should I build or should I grow?

Though Knowledge Management is much (much much) more than information management, the fact is that information management is a key element (you could say requirement) of effective KM. Information technology just happens to make info management easier and harder all at the same time. One of the challenges in coming up with an effective information […]