Post and Smart Pull vs. Smart Smart Push (from Bill Gates on Blogging)

Came across this on Mathemagenic. The following is an excerpt of remarks by Bill Gates that addresses the value of blogs over e-mail for certain business processes: And so, getting away from the drawbacks of e-mail — that it’s too imposing — and yet the drawbacks of the Web site — that you don’t know […]

judith meskill’s knowledge notes…: informal learning…

judith meskill’s knowledge notes…: informal learning…: informal learning, informal communications. Look at this in the context of the (informal) role of glial cells in support of the (formal) role of neurons in brain function and knowledge creation/retrieval/use. (See SciAm April 2004).

Faking it: Explicit knowledge posing as tacit (or – Going through the motions)

When I saw the first Matrix movie, I remember thinking of the distinctions between explicit and tacit knowledge. If you remember the scene with the helicopter, you know what I mean. The “knowledge” of how to fly a helicopter was made explicit in the form of a computer program/disk. When a person needed the knowledge […]

Column Two: “Best-yet” practices – do not re-freeze

Column Two: “Best-yet” practices – do not re-freeze: In other words, best practices should not be seen as definitive, but rather a milestone on the path. You don’t just stop when you find a good (best) practice, but you continue down the road. Best practices are, after all, only “best” in the context they are […]