On the subject of security…

DOD reveals viral infection: A virus infected two computers managed by the Army Space and Missile Defense Command operating on the Defense Department’s classified Internet recently, according to Lt. Gen Larry Dodgen, head of the command. Dodgen, speaking here at the Army Director of Information Management (DOIM) conference said two computers in the Space and […]

And the biggest security threat in the IT age is…

If you said “Microsoft” you wouldn’t be too far off, but according to Bruce Schneier the biggest threat in the IT age is people. Since the beginning of time, people have always been the biggest security threat. That hasn’t changed because of computers. People are why firewalls are invariably misconfigured. They’re why social engineering works. […]

Throwing down the gauntlet. or “You just don’t get it!” – The Gospel according to Joe Trippi

From Robert Paterson’s Weblogis this review of Joe Trippi’s The Revolution will Not be Televised: Democracy, The Internet, and The Overthrow of Everthing. I have been feeling that we are indeed at a point of paradox where a new and better world is in sight just as we see the world of corporate power and […]

Instructional Models for Using Weblogs in eLearning

From EduBlogInsights is a discussion of Instructional Models for Using Weblogs in eLearning: Case Studies from a Hybrid and Virtual Course, published in Syllabus magazine. The article includes survey results and observations from the integration of blogging into online and hybrid courses over the last year at the University of Arizona. In various blogs and […]

Knowledge is power, but sometimes what you really need is Power

At least that is what retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, PhD told the House Armed Services Committee (.pdf) at a July 15, 2004 session entitled Army Transformation: Implications for the Future. (For more info on DoD transformation, check out the Office for Force Transformation.) Some excerpts (the emphasis is mine): I will begin by examining […]

The Network Effect of “Brains”

Several recent articles have focused on the ability and power of groups to come up with better solutions than any individual can. HBS Working Knowledge: Leadership: Perplexing Problem? Borrow Some Brains How to Save the World: More on the Wisdom of Crowds Many to Many: Duncan Watts on Collective Intelligence Many to Many: Captainitis (added […]