Oxidation and autism

From – Forbes.com: ‘Oxidation is basically burning,’ McGinnis said. ‘Chemically, it involves the loss of electrons. A burning match is a clear case of oxidation.’ Other examples include an apple slice turning brown or vegetable oils that go rancid, he said. McGinnis’ studies have found that autistic children exhibit high levels of cellular oxidation, which […]

That pun was unintended, but was it unavoidable?

Listening to a discussion on a talk radio show yesterday, one of the guests said something to the effect, “The US is a magnet for steel from everywhere else…, no pun intended.” Which got me thinking. People make these unintended puns because their mind is already thinking of the subject, as in the reference to […]

Adventures in Autism: A Case for Mainstreaming

As our autistic children grow up, one of the key questions that we face is where they will go to school. To mainstream, or not? From Chandler’s Mommy is this Case for Mainstreaming: In 1998 Yad Hamoreh became the first conventional educational facility in the world to open its doors to severely disabled autistic children […]