The web and the future of real estate

Here’s a message to realtors and real estate agents:  WAKE UP.  The web is changing the way real estate works, and if you’re not careful you’re going to become irrelevant.   Even though people do it all the time, moving from one house to another – especially when those houses are separated by half of the United States […]

Natural selection and the prevalence of autism

I’ve always been interested in how the brain works and have read quite a bit on the subject of evolutionary psychology and biology and some on cognitive neuroscience. (Once Zeke was diagnosed as hyperlexic and PDD/ASD, I was really interested.) Reading through some of many posts on the neurodiversity vs. biomed debate, I’ve been thinking […]

A positive aspect of the autism ‘explosion’

Shawn has this somewhat unique perspective on the escalating number of cases of ASD posted on his blog Along the Spectrum: “I’ve come to the conclusion that the increasing number of people diagnosed with autism is actually a benefit to those that are diagnosed as ‘on the spectrum’.” A few other “silver lining” insights that […]

Silver bullets and magic pills

Unfortunately, there are none for autism as a whole. As the article Desperate families search for autism’s ‘magic pill’ from the Daily Telegraph in London discusses, however, this doesn’t stop us from trying to find the treatment (or cure) that works best in our case. Although generally negative in tone towards what the author is […]

Snapin: A protein with therapy potential for autism

A new paper from researchers at Rutgers University in NJ explores another approach to medical intervention of autism: While disorders like autism may arise from a multiplicity of causes, research at the cellular level, such as that of Firestein and her Rutgers team, is creating an important point of entry for early intervention with therapeutic […]

Using computers and networks to help build social skills

Zeke is an avid fan of computer and video games. Unlike the stereotypical kid and teenager, though, he has always preferred what you might call “educational” games. Reading, math, etc. The best of these, from this parent’s point of view, were the ones that also modeled good social interaction between characters. (The Sesame Street games […]