Experiences with Special Ed: The Bad

Every day in various autism blogs and e-mail lists/groups are stories of people fighting the system, trying to get the best for their kids. This on top of learning to cope with the autism in general. As if parents of autistic children needed it, local school districts seem to feel compelled to provide additional challenges. […]

Experiences with Special Ed: The Good

I was in the Army when we first began to realize something was up. After taking Zeke to his pediatrictian, we were referred to a child study team in Kansas City (University of Kansas Medical School, I think). Following the study team diagnosis (I’ll discuss that more in another post), we received services from the […]

Experiences with Special Education System

We’ve had over 10 years of experience with “special education” and other support services. This has ranged from pre-school now through the beginning of high school and has spanned three different states (Kansas, New Jersey, and Missouri). In the beginning, it was nerve wracking, trying to not only figure out autism but trying to figure […]

Natural selection and the prevalence of autism – take 2

I’ve had a chance to read Origins of Autism and the work it is derived from, Human Evolution: Evolution and the Structure of Health and Disease.  In fact, I’ve read them twice; just to make sure I didn’t miss anything (though I’m sure I missed quite a bit).   The bulk of the two articles address the […]