Seems like a simple enough question

This question from David Kirby (as posted at the Huffington Post) pretty much sums it up: Why is it so controversial to suggest that a known neurotoxin injected directly into the systems of pregnant women, newborns and infant children above federal safety levels MIGHT have caused a neurological disorder in a subset of children with […]

Mark your calendar for “Autism and Hope”: Autism policy discussion from the Brookings Institution

The Brookings Institution is holding a conference entitled Autism and Hope this Friday 16 December from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. The Brookings Institution, in conjunction with The Help Group of Los Angeles and with the additional support of the Karmazin Foundation, Autism Speaks, Cure Autism Now, and Michael Fux, will hold a conference to examine […]

Focusing on the positive – New book for parents of autistic children

The new book A Parent’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism: How to Meet the Challenges and Help Your Child Thrive is described as a “road map” to help parents with autistic/Asperger’s kids. I just learned about it this morning from Ginger in Adventures in Autism: New Book for Parents New to ASD Diagnosis. […]

Art as insight into the autistic mind

Most parents of autistic children can remember the first time that there children “communicated” with them. Sometimes it is verbal, such as an unexpected – but highly hoped for – “Good night mommy.” Sometimes it is in an action, sometimes it is in writing. The story Portraits of a silent artist give insight into autism […]

Another interesting site: Asperger’s Conversations

It never ceases to amaze me what you can find on the Web, in all areas of interest. Obviously in this blog, the information I find and discuss is related to autism. On that note I’d like to introduce you to Asperger’s Conversations: Weekly audio posts by Larry Welkowitz, Ph.D. I’ve not had a chance […]

No wheelchairs in heaven? What about autism?

Yesterday morning on NPR‘s Morning Edition, I heard Ben Mattlin’s commentary Valuing Life Whether Disabled or Not (available in either Windows Media or Real Player format). Commentator Ben Mattlin has been quadriplegic since birth. At the memorial service for a disabled friend who passed away, he came to realize the world needs to expand its […]

Dave Pollard’s choice of 12 best business books of 2005

Dave Pollard’s list of The 12 Best Business Books of 2005 is worth taking a look at. I’ll definitely be checking at least some of them out. What really struck me about his review, though, was the summary at the end of the post (emphasis is mine): In general, it was another disappointing year for […]

Cool phrase of the day: Effective Efficiency

Effective efficiency from Frank Patrick’s Focused Performance Weblog. Jack Vinson and Jim McGee presented a session at BlawgThink about how knowledge management and collaboration affect productivity and process, which I like to look at as effectiveness and efficiency. (Now you know why the phrase appeals to me so much.) BlawgThink attendee Jeffrey Phillips has also […]