Raising autism awareness – where to start?

As Autism Awareness Month approaches, I find myself trying to figure out how to do my part in raising awareness. However, I’m having a problem this year: what exactly do I want to raise awareness of? There are so many aspects of autism that could be discussed: cause, cure, intervention, bio-med treatments, neurodiversity, IEPs, adult […]

Reflections on a year of learning

Last week marked one year since my first post to this blog, and according to the Blogger Dashboard, I’ve also passed the 100th published post mark (with quite a few languishing in draft-hood). I don’t usually mark these kinds of milestones, but with Autism Awareness Month (April) coming soon, it seemed an appropriate time to […]

The other end of the spectrum: “Special” education for gifted kids

In our local paper a couple of weeks ago was the article Parents, students fear for future of gifted programs. In a nutshell, gifted students and their parents are asking for exactly what many parents of autistic kids are trying to avoid- segregation from the regular classroom: The resolution notes that gifted students have educational […]

Barney’s Harmonica revisited

I originally posted this last April, but felt it worth re-posting. Though most people involved with autism will immediately grasp the incredible insight of the poem, I encourage everyone to read the story of Barney’s harmonica that inspired the poem. – – — — —– ——– ————-We first came across this poem by Mayer Shevin […]

Whose life is it anyway? Thoughts on guardianship, autism, and growing old

As part of planning for the future, parents of autistic kids must consider many things. Key among them is this question of guardianship. When a child in the United States turns 18 they are considered an adult, their own person. They can vote, they can enter into legally binding contracts, they can join the military […]