Avoiding unfortunate situations: Autism and law enforcement

Charles Fox, on his Special Education Law Blog, has a link to and discussion of the report Avoiding Unfortunate Situations. From the report’s introduction: Law enforcement agencies in the 21st Century are embracing community policing and better education for their increasingly diverse workforce. There is also a growing interest in the global autism community to […]

New “Blogs by Parents” listings on “Autism for Parents”

Slowly but surely, I’m building up the resources on Autism for Parents. The latest additions are the following blogs by parents of autistic children: Autism Vox – Kristina Chew’s soapbox Hard Won Wisdom – R.B.’s blog that was “never around when I needed it” Living a Cryptogram – Melissa, at the beginning of the journey […]

Some thoughts on denial and an autism diagnosis (or: The end of the world as we know it)

When a parent experiences denial on receiving an autism diagnosis for their kid, I think it is important for them to understand what exactly they are in denial about. At first thought, it would seem obvious that they are in denial about their child having a “devastating disorder” (since I believe this is how most […]

Autism and God

I’ve written briefly about autism and religion in No wheelchairs in heaven? What about autism? Recently, I’ve been giving a bit more thought to the subject. The discussion that follows is primarily from a Christian perspective, mainly because that’s the one I’m most familiar with, but I believe the basic concepts transcend any particular faith […]

More thoughts on autism inspired by the X-men film trilogy

In my last post, I put down some very hasty thoughts about the upcoming film X-Men III and how its theme mirrors somewhat the question of ‘curing’ autism. The other films in the series, especially X-Men 2, offer some interesting insight as well. For those of you not familiar with the film series, here is […]

Thoughts on “awareness” for Autism Awareness Month

Awareness means different things to different people. As National Autism Awareness Month gets underway (I know, I’m a couple of days late), I’ve been trying to find out what exactly we are supposed to be raising awareness of. More specifically, I’m curious what the proclamation that created NAAM says is the purpose of raising awareness. […]