To hear, or not to hear – Is that the question?

In the world of autism the question, “If there were a cure available for you or your child, would you use it?” is pretty much rhetorical, food for thought. As such, discussions are more theoretical than practical. In the world of the deaf and hard of hearing, however, cochlear implants mean answering this question has […]

Real concerns from “Autism Every Day”

While I didn’t care much for the Autism Speaks produced video Autism Every Day and its representation of only the negative aspect of raising autistic children, many of the concerns raised by the mothers in the video (who were unfortunately depicted as selfish and whiny) are valid. The two that really come to mind are […]

So what?

Ack! Thbbbt! That pretty much sums up my feelings over the past couple of weeks about autism news. I have the feeling this post is going to go long and wide, so consider yourself forewarned…. At last week’s Senate confirmation hearings for President Bush’s nominee for head of the CIA, GEN Michael Hayden was asked […]

Will the “real” Steven please come out?

The whole article, Autism: The search for Steven, is only available by subscription to New Scientist (which I don’t have), but the article preview, the first paragraph actually, gives an idea of the tone the article likely takes: Will it ever be possible to “bring out” the real person in an autistic child? Perhaps not, […]

Who decides what’s autistic, anyway?

Recent stories about potential bias on the part of the contributors to the DSM-IV got me thinking about the DSM, how it is developed, and who develops it. If you aren’t yet aware, it is the DSM IV that contains the diagnostic criteria for the Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD), including autism. The DSM is published […]

Time Magazine: New Insights into the Hidden World of Autism

On news stands tomorrow (8 May), Time Magazine‘s cover story (set of stories, really) looks at autism in some detail. Here is an excerpt from the main story, “Inside the Autistic Mind“: MORE THAN 60 YEARS AFTER AUTISM WAS first described by American psychiatrist Leo Kanner, there are still more questions than answers about this […]