On the internet, nobody knows you’re autistic

Consider the following excerpt from an autism advocacy blog: What started the conversation was a person we know offline who has acquired a new condition over the course of the time we have known her. She has always been extreme in both her ableism and her refusal to even contemplate thinking politically about disability, more […]

Developmental issues and the assembly line mentality of modern education

Every day, it seems, I come across a new autism resource. (New in the sense that I haven’t seen it, not necessarily ‘new’ new.) I recently found Hidden Recovery, “A parent’s experience with High-Functioning Autism. Diagnosed at 2 with PDD-NOS, and recovered by kindergarten.” I’ve not had a chance to read through the entire site […]

A parent’s thoughts on cure and prevention of autism

In any discussion about autism, especially with parents of newly diagnosed children or friends/family who have no direct experience with autism, the subjects of cure and prevention will inevitably come up. “Can you fix him?” “What went wrong?” “I’m trying to get pregnant, is there anything I can do to make sure my kid isn’t […]