Complete archives of Royal Society available free through December

Several years ago, after reading Neal Stephenson‘s incredible Baroque Cycle (Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World), I developed an interest in the activities of Natural Philosophers in England in the late 17th Century. I picked up several biographies of the times including names like Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Wren, Thomas Willis and […]

Bringing gaming back to the masses – Nintendo Wii

Nintendo announced today the ship date (19 November) for its new video game console, the Wii (pronounced ‘we’), as well as the line up of games available at shipping time. See Live at Nintendo’s NYC Wii press conference for minute by minute details. At a time when most new gaming systems, especially consoles like Microsoft‘s […]

Diverging to nonsense? Thoughts on Wikipedia

Will Wikipedia converge into a useful encyclopedia, or will it diverge to nonsense?  That is one of the central questions discussed in a story I heard yesterday morning on NPR‘s Morning Edition.  An interesting story to listen to if you are interested in where Wikipedia is going, though for those who are already familiar there […]