The crowd may be wise, but can it write a book?

Tonight’s All Things Considered on NPR featured the story Using the Wiki Method to Write a Book about the We Are Smarter than Me project. The project was inspired, in part, by the open-source software movement and by the success of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, which is largely written and edited by its users. […]

Free-solo rock climbers and the way of the samurai

Hot on the heels of my post about rock climbing and mountaineering, I saw jonno’s post about the “sport of lunatics” and his link to the article Free-Solo Climber Prefers the Unencumbered Ascent in Sunday’s NY Times…. While jonno sees free soloing as “the work of a madman,” in many ways free-soloing is the ultimate test of a person’s rock climbing mastery.

Jim McGee on Reinvention

Following on my closing thoughts on re-invention yesterday, I’d like to point you to some thoughts on the subject from Jim McGee earlier this year. Back in February, Jim wrote Get Better at Reinventing the Wheel, which carried the subtitle To succeed with knowledge management, organizations should focus on getting better at reinventing the wheel […]

Finding inspiration in the mastery of others

While mastery in one area isn’t necessarily transferable to another, experts in different fields can quite effectively share their expertise to help each improve. The story A Hospital Races to Learn Lessons of Ferrari Pit Stop (subscription required) in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal tells the story of how surgeons at Britain’s Great Ormond Street Hospital […]