Member of winning team at #HackAutism, a hackathon in support of a local startup. A fun event, with personal meaning.

While many St. Louisans held Halloween celebrations during the weekend of October 27, programmers came together for #HackAutism, a coding competition to develop tech solutions for PATHbinder™, a web application and companion binder KIT for families supporting youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities (DD).

#HackAutism Focuses on Local Startup PATHbinder, Creating Solutions for Autistic Youth, Adults.
LifeBinder founder Vicki Kahn presenting check to the winning team at #hackAutism.
(Pictured from left) Brandon Hunter, Beau Herndon, Vicki Kahn, Andrew Ulrich, Shea Marks, and Brett Miller

GlobalHack II

Was a member of the winning team at GlobalHack II

Picture of United Hackers holding large check
United Hackers, winners of GlobalHack II, holding their check

The Project

OGSystems asked participants to build software that could allow domain experts without coding experience to develop applications that could automatically process dynamic data feeds to provide insights into global economic, political, and humanitarian issues.

The Story

…coming soon…

New Equipment Fielding

Fielding of a new tactical satellite communications system to Army Special Operations units

Cross country move

Co-created and implemented a cross-country move from New Jersey to St. Louis with the family.

Fleet Transition

Planned and managed the logistics services for the for the fielding of a new fleet of vehicles and communications systems for an Army Signal battalion. These services included the preparation and disposition of the old fleet of vehicles and communications systems, the receipt and distribution of the new fleet of vehicles and communications systems, and the coordination of all services in support of training personnel on the new systems.

Tactical Communications Service

As the Signal Platoon Leader in an Army Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Battalion, I was responsible for designing and leading the operation of the communications service that connected the Battalion Fire Direction Center (FDC) with the Battalion’s firing batteries and with the Brigade (higher headquarters) FDC. This service was actually composed of two distinct, but interdependent, services – the actual communications service and, because this was Cold War Europe, relocating the service to different locations when the situation demanded.

Trampoline and Tumbling Meet

When my son’s gymnastics team wanted to host a USA Gymnastics (USAG) sanctioned trampoline and tumbling meet, I volunteered to pull it all together, with the help of other parents of course. Together we created Meet Me in St. Louis, an event that was described by many of the participants (their parents, actually 😉 as one of the best meets they’d ever participated in.